Monthly Guidelines

  • A $50 deposit is due when the reservation is made or by January 1st if it is for the following year.  A credit card will be held on file to cover any fees that have not been paid by the guest during their stay.  (ex. Final Electric Bill)


  • All campers must have a car pass on their rear view mirror when on campground property.


  • Your site fee includes 2 adults and 2 children (under the age of 18) and 2 pets.


  • Guest fees are $3.00/person per day. All visitors must have a mirror tag on their vehicle while on Friendship Village premises. Day visitors must leave by 10:00 p.m.


  • Electric bills can be picked up at the office and payment can be made at the office.  If you do not stop at the office when your last month ends, the credit card held on file will automatically be charged for the remaining electric bill and any other fees that were not paid by the guest.


  • It is the camper’s responsibility to make reservations year to year. Your site is not guaranteed until a reservation is made.


  • Please turn off any items in your camper that are not being used while you are gone for an extended period of time.  This helps prevent tripping breakers during periods of high heat.  Remember that you can use propane for refrigerators and hot water heaters to conserve electricity. 


  • No pets are to be tied out on the site or left unattended. Pets must be walked on a leash, and immediately cleaned up after.


  • Sites should be kept neat and attractive. Bicycles and other items must get stored in the rear of the site behind camper.


  • No upholstered furniture or furniture that looks upholstered permitted on site.


  • Plants in containers and other special tasteful decorations may be added if approved by management. Must be removed at the end of your stay.


  • No digging holes or planting on site. Absolutely no silk, plastic or other artificial flowers or plants.


  • If sites are decorated with plants in containers, or other items approved by management, the site occupant may be asked to mow the site.


  • Keep area under camper reasonably free from clutter.


  • All sewer hoses must be protected with a solid piece of 4” sewer PVC pipe to prevent string trimmer damage. Management will not be responsible for unprotected utility lines and hoses.


  • All campers must have a current registration displayed properly (license plate) and should have current inspection sticker.


  • Dismantling or working on vehicles is prohibited.


  • Only 2 vehicles per campsite are permitted at a time.


  • Avoid large stockpiles of wood, which could attract undesirable insects and rodents.


  • Be courteous to neighbors – a maximum of 8 people are allowed per site. Large parties and gatherings on sites are not permitted. Please plan to rent the pavilion or the clubhouse for any events.


  • There is a fee of $10.00 charged for washing of campers. Nozzles on hoses must be used. No open hose washing.



  • One golf cart to a site unless it is used for employment at the village. Every golf cart must be registered at the office. There is a registration fee and the office must have a copy of current insurance specifically indicating that coverage is provided for the golf cart. Updated copies must be supplied when coverage is renewed.  Please pick up a copy of the golf cart rules and regulations if you plan on bringing a cart into the campground.



  • Summer emergencies have caused us to move campers during the camping period. We will only move campers that have been prepared for removal by the occupant. Requests for removal should be made and approved by the occupant. (We cannot call everyone and get all campers prepared for removal). This task can prove to be dangerous to our staff during emergency periods.


  • Alcoholic beverages are acceptable at Friendship Village, but they must be confined to the campsite area only. Kegs of beer are not permitted at any time. Intoxication is prohibited!


  • Friendship Village Campground is not liable for any injuries that may occur on campground property. We are not liable for any acts of theft, damage caused by natural elements, or vandalism and reserves the right to terminate the camping privileges and remove anyone from the campground for infraction of the rules with no refunds.

Friendship Village Campground & RV Park

348 Friendship Village Road

Bedford, PA 15522